Friday, June 30

This Crosses The Line

I don't often comment on things our troops are accused of or have done. Not being there, I have no idea how I would react. I would like to believe I would do what is right, which is what the vast majority of our troops do. However this crosses the line and there is no excuse for this. Nor does this do anything for the troops who are trying to make things right in Iraq.

(AP/Yahoo)A group of American soldiers in an insurgent-riddled town allegedly noticed a young Iraqi woman when on patrol and later returned to rape her, according to U.S. officials Friday. In an apparent cover-up attempt, she and three members of her family then were killed and her body was set on fire.

Five U.S. troops are being investigated, a U.S. military official told The Associated Press. It was the sixth known inquiry into alleged slayings of Iraqi civilians by U.S. troops.
The official told the AP that the suspects were from the same platoon as two slain soldiers whose mutilated bodies were found June 19, three days after they were abducted by insurgents near Youssifiyah southwest of Baghdad.
And we wondered why those soliders were attacked. Could it be revenge and not just a random attack? I think the evidence suggests revenge now.