Thursday, June 29

Think Twice Next Time You Eat M&M's

The Mars M&M's plant in Chicago was shut down due to a insect infestation. Good news though, the bugs don't melt in your hands either.

(Chi Trib)Health inspectors visited the plant June 21 and cited it for a fruit fly infestation in the candy production area and for overhead doors with gaps large enough to allow insects and rodents to get inside, city officials said. Management was ordered to correct the health violations.

When inspectors re-visited the plant today, they found no action had been taken, the officials said. The city immediately ordered the plant closed.

Inspectors also found mouse feces in a food processing area and food items improperly stored on the floor, rather than elevated off the floor, according to the Public Health Department's release.
Was that a peanut or a cockroach in your last bag?