Thursday, June 1

Republicans Return To Pre-9/11 Thinking

I thought security and the war on terror was America's most pressing issue. And in a post-9/11 world, aren't the Republicans failing Americans and our safety by putting symbolic measures up for debate when things like Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Immigration, a $7-9 trillion debt, the environment, our educational system and social security are more important?

Instead flag burning, English as the National language and a gay marriage ban have all made their way into the media lately. Sen. Frist last weekend talked about how pressing it was to ban gay marriage and flag burning, and today the White House said Bush plans on Monday to come out for an amendment banning gay marriage. It's the Evangelical version of wag the dog.

(AP/Yahoo)This November, initiatives banning same-sex marriages are expected to be on the ballot in Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin. In 2004, 13 states approved initiatives prohibiting gay marriage or civil unions, with 11 states casting votes on Election Day.
While the proposed amendment stands little chance of passing, make no mistake that it is the beginning of Karl Rove's influence in the 2006 campaign. All we need is for abortion to make it back on the front pages and for the threat level to be raised and we'll have a Conservative Ho-Down!