Sunday, June 18

North Korean Missile Fueled And Ready For Launch

With warnings from Japan that any test missile that lands on Japanese soil constitutes an attack, what if this isn't just a test missile? Or what if they get lucky and hit an American Naval ship or the 30,000+ American troops in harms way.

(Reuters)quoting American officials, reported on its Web site that booster rockets were loaded onto a launch pad and fuel tanks fitted to a missile. This could not be confirmed, but U.S. and other officials have said satellite images show fuel tanks and key components of a missile positioned at the test site.

The South Korean daily Dong-A Ilbo quoted a Seoul government official as saying the launch could be imminent.

"We think North Korea has poured liquid fuel into the missile propellant built in the missile launching pad. It is at the finishing stage before launching" but the South Korean government did not know if fueling was completed, he said.

Experts say if the missile is not launched 48 hours after fueling, the fuel will start to break down and damage the missile.

Are we ready to go to war with North Korea? And if we are, would we be able to with what is going on in Iraq? Want to see the World stop? If North Korea hits anything, it will!