Monday, June 5

Look Past The Gay Amendment

I know for some people the gay marriage issue is a big deal, but it is only a political tool for Republicans. First, only 5 states have not acted in banning gay marriage in some form or another. Why now, in a time of war and unrest in the world, would this Administration propose a marriage amendment other than to be a wedge issue? For a President that "Preaches" unity and freedom, he and his advisors do a lot to divide people.

Second, while our politicians are ranting and raving about gay marriage, they deflect attention from debates and legislature like this.

(Reuters)On Wednesday, the House is scheduled to vote on a bill sponsored by Republican lawmakers Charles Bass of New Hampshire and Joe Barton of Texas that would give the federal government more power to work with local and state officials to speed up approvals of permits to build new refineries or expand existing ones.
Which is nothing more than handouts to an industry that continues to post record profits quarter after quarter. However they forget to mention that ...
From May 9 - The American Petroleum Institute (API) has encouraged oil companies to limit refining capacity in order to increase their profits. Internal memoranda from Chevron, Mobil, and Texaco document this. Oil companies have closed 178 refineries in the U.S. since 1980, and only one company, Arizona Clean Fuels, has filed for a permit to open a refinery. Even though that permit has been twice granted by the federal government, the company never opened the refinery.
And third, We also waste valuable time on things like bird flu. Which when, not if, it hits in America our politicians will say things like, "We could have never anticipated them using airplanes." Sorry, that was a cheap shot, but it felt good. The politicians will be wondering how this could have happened. Why wasn't something done. Maybe if they didn't waste time on gay marriage and flag burning they could focus on real issues in America!?!