Friday, June 30

Hoekstra Continues WMD Lies

Rep. Peter Hoekstra continues to lie to the American people. Don't you think if these 500 munitions that were found in Iraq were legit, everyone would be screaming their heads off? Why wouldn't the President have a live press conference in primetime? Why wouldn't Tony Blair and the British be screaming about this? Maybe Because they are full of crap and they are just trying to use our troops, once again, as a political tool!

(Reuters) Intelligence officials at the briefing told journalists the weapons predated the 1991 Gulf War, were too degraded to be used as originally intended and posed no threat to U.S. forces deployed in the region during the run-up to the 2003 invasion.
U.S. weapons inspectors have officially reported no such weapons have been found in Iraq and that Saddam ceased WMD production after the 1991 Gulf War.

Officials at the briefing included representatives from Negroponte's office and the Pentagon.
It's amazing these days to see how Republicans just throw things out there. Nevermind if it is true, just as long as it sticks.