Wednesday, June 7

Gay Marriage Amendment Didn't Fail

While it failed in the Senate, make no mistake this is exactly what the Republicans wanted. There was never a real threat of the Senate passing this, but for the past week, the media and the blogosphere has put gay marriage back into the spotlight. This is what the Republicans wanted and everyone fell into their trap.

What makes this even worse is that the very people that this was meant to benefit, are being used by Bush and the chickenhawks. Since the last presidential election, this topic fell off the radar of Bush and the only reason it is back is because this is an election year.

So again I say, when we are attacked again you can look first at the Republicans and not the Democrats. When the Democrats are trying to focus on fighting global terrorism, border security and finding alternative fuels to reduce our dependency on Middle East oil, the Republicans are worried about flag burning, English as the National language and gay marriage!