Friday, June 23

EFF/AT&T In Court Today

Today both sides made their cases in the NSA warrantless spying program in which AT&T appears to have been complicit in aiding the NSA, and as expected, AT&T has used "state secrets" as an excuse.

(Cnet) In a statement issued after the hearing before Walker, AT&T said that regardless of whether it worked with the government in this instance, it would be exempt from the lawsuit because Congress has provided immunity to companies that cooperate with the government on "critical national security issues." AT&T hasn't confirmed or denied working with the government.

The EFF calls the government surveillance the "largest fishing expedition ever devised" and contends that AT&T has violated the privacy of millions of Americans.
Here is all EFF has done to bring the fight to AT&T, and if you are feeling generous, please give to EFF to help them continue their fight.