Sunday, June 4

Catch A Terrorist, The Home Edition

That is what is going on in Montana. A couple a been using the internet to find and turn in terrorists to the government. Shannen Rossmiller poses as an Al Qaida terrorist trying to find willing people to join the fight.

(WaPo)Posing as an al-Qaeda operative, she has helped federal agents set up stings that have netted two Americans -- a Washington state National Guardsman convicted in 2004 of attempted espionage, and a Pennsylvania man who prosecutors say sought to blow up oil installations in the United States. Rossmiller was a key prosecution witness against the Guardsman, who is serving a life sentence, and said she has been told she will be called as a witness in the Pennsylvania case.
My initial thoughts were we are in trouble if this is who the FBI and CIA are using to fight the "War on Terror", however as I read on I began to wonder less about her and more about the shape of our government and their ability to win this war.

We have heard over the last few months about the NSA and their need to listen and watch Americans to beat the terrorists. Yet here we have someone who doesn't have a "secret room" and has had plenty of success. Her service does come with a price to the American taxpayer.
the outspoken small-town judge raises the remarkable reality of the government regularly using a self-appointed, self-trained Internet sleuth to help fight terrorism at home and abroad. Given several chances to do so, no one in the intelligence community characterized Rossmiller as a crank. Indeed, protecting Rossmiller and her family in their rural Montana home, not far from the Canadian border, has for two years been a regular agenda item at meetings between local police, the FBI and U.S. Border Patrol agents, according to a Montana law enforcement official who requested anonymity.
And what does this internet sleuth feel about the invasion of Iraq and it's complicity to the rise of terrorists?
the invasion of Iraq and the use of harsh interrogation techniques has increased the number of people in the Arab world who hate the United States.

"It has created more discord, and the numbers of brothers interested in violence have grown," she said.
How can anyone still believe that invading Iraq has made us safer? I hope people remember those who supported this war when they go to the ballot boxes this November and November 2008! (Can you hear me now Hillary?)