Wednesday, June 7

Bird Flu Not A Big Deal To EU

That is the only way I see it. They have decided to give up the idea of a reserve of antiviral drugs to deal with a pandemic.

(Reuters)Markos Kyprianou, commissioner for health and consumer protection, said three member states disagreed with the idea of the stockpile and most of the others refused to fund it.

"From our point of view, we see no reason to work on it," he told Reuters in an interview during a visit to Canada. A meeting of EU health ministers last week failed to take a decision on the matter.
Which I guess just goes with the rest of Western sentiment towards bird flu. Just the other day we learned that the West was coming up short for funding pledged to Asia to fight bird flu. Now the EU is borderline negligent to it's citizens by doing nothing to make sure they have enough doses of antiviral drugs, and in return threaten other countries in preventing the spread of the virus!