Monday, June 19

Biden Is Wrong

While I enjoy his blog, John from Americablog is wrong on this.

(Ablog)I kind of hate giving credit to Joe Biden, because he does go on, but he nailed this one:
"If I had known the president was going to be this incompetent in his administration, I would not have given him the authority" to go to war, said Biden, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
This is an argument I've been making for a good year or two now. It's the argument Kerry should have made during his presidential run. It's the argument any Democrat can use to explain why they voted for the war and now think it's a disaster. And finally, it's the truth.
So basically he was for it before he was against it? If we begin to accept this as reasoning why Biden shouldn't have his feet held to the fire, then my fellow Dems, what does it say about your judgment?

If a Republican came out and said that, would you cheer him or say he was playing politics with the 2006 or 2008 election? So why should anyone believe that Biden, Kerry or any other Dem who voted for giving the President, who might I add was never thought of as a thinker before 9/11, the authority to invade Iraq.

Are we that sad that we have to follow Hillary, who is closer to McCain than Dems on Iraq. Kerry and Biden, who for 3+ years have been trying to get themselves around the right excuse for voting to give the President the authority to attack Iraq. Where is the attack of the Dems? Where are all the ideas I am supposed to be excited about? Oh yeah, we are playing defense and waiting for the Republicans and Bush to self destruct. What Democratic leadership!