Saturday, June 17

Bechtel Gets "Rewards" From Great Britain Too

So not only do the chickenhawks in the U.S. help companies like Bechtel and Haliburton make billions, it appears that our friends across the pond like to help when they can also.

(Observer)The government has been secretly awarding honours to senior figures in the US military and foreign businessmen with lucrative public sector contracts. The Observer has obtained a Foreign Office list detailing all non-British citizens who have been awarded honours since 2003 - the first time the complete three-year dossier has been released.

It has emerged that Riley Bechtel, billionaire boss of the US-based Bechtel Corporation, which has won big transport and nuclear contracts in Britain and made a fortune from the Iraq war, was secretly awarded a CBE in 2003.

This award has never been made public either by the British government or Bechtel.
It is so nice to see that the uber rich take care of themselves. Maybe the reason the award was never made public is because...
the Queen approved Bechtel's honour for 'services to UK-American commercial relations' on 25 April 2003 - just a week after the company won a bumper £430m contract to rebuild Iraq's infrastructure after the invasion
Win, yeah right! It's deals like this that make people like me think that there are "other" reasons for war. $$$$$$