Wednesday, June 14

Baghdad Under Security Crackdown Following The "Kodak" President

Following the photo-op by the "Kodak" President, the Iraqi P.M. has sent thousands of troops into the streets of Baghdad to secure the Iraqi capitol.

(AP/Yahoo)Security officials said Tuesday that 75,000 Iraqi and multinational forces would be deployed throughout Baghdad, securing roads in and out of the city, establishing more checkpoints, launching raids against insurgent hideouts and calling in airstrikes if necessary.

The operation was the biggest of its kind in Baghdad since the U.S. handed over sovereignty to Iraq in June 2004, al-Gharrawi said Tuesday.

"The terrorists cannot face such power," Iraqi army Brig. Jalil Khalaf said
You almost wonder why it has taken two years to do this? And is it any coincidence that 2004 and 2006 are election years? It is almost predictable how this Administration uses events for political gain.