Tuesday, May 23

Hillary Is Just Blowing Smoke

We've heard a few talking heads and the blogs call for an Apollo like effort to move us off oil, but is this really that? Or is this just another politician trying to look good?

(AP/Yahoo)Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will call for cutting U.S. dependence on foreign oil by 8 million barrels a day by the year 2025 — a goal she says can be met with more ethanol-based fuel and a $50 billion fund for new energy research.
This sounds good, but why 2025? Why not 2010 or 2015? Maybe because she would actually have to be held accountable if this didn't happen. This is just like Bush saying that we are addicted to oil while having no real plan. It's just a bunch of hot air that is meant to score cheap political points.
"No longer can we all pass the buck and blame things beyond our control. It's time for everyone, from the president and our oil companies to each of us, to adopt a virtual revolution in our thinking about energy and act on what we now know," Clinton's prepared remarks said.
So again I ask why 2025? We have the ethanol technology now. We have hybrid technology now. Why are they not making Flex-Fuel hybrids NOW? Maybe the reason for 2025 is so she can't be held accountable and she can keep pointing fingers while doing nothing during her run up to 2008. Can we please get past the Clinton's and Bush's?!?!

UPDATE: This is what Hillary faces when she decides that she has discovered ethanol and renewable fuels.