Wednesday, May 31

Cities Get More Security Funding

While no one would argue that Washington D.C. and New York should get all the funding required to make them safer, some wonder why cities like L.A., Miami and Chicago receive so little in comparison. Last Year New York received over $200 million in funding to Chicago's $45 million(Which is not in Yahoo's AP release but is in the Trib's).

I think what we all have learned about Al Qaida is that they strike where we are not looking, and if money spent relates to attention, we certainly aren't looking at Chicago. However Rep. Peter King feels like Homeland Security has declared war on New York

(AP/Yahoo)"It's absolutely indefensible, it's disgraceful. As far as I'm concerned the Department of Homeland Security and the administration have declared war on New York," Rep. Peter King told the Associated Press.

"It's a knife in the back to New York and I'm going to do everything I can to make them very sorry they made this decision," King said.
Maybe Rep King would like to come to Chicago and tell us why we need to be less safe than New York?

MSNBC has more info