Tuesday, April 11

Party Politics Gone Haywire

I know she takes a lot of heat about her role in the 2000 election, but what is happening to her in attempt for the Senate is almost pathetic.

(AP)The woman who was both celebrated and vilified for overseeing the 2000 Florida recount is smart, charming and energetic and works hard. She is also a micromanager, easily angered and sometimes bursts into tears. If she doesn't like what she is being told, she refuses to accept it.
What I find interesting is how her advisors, most notably Ed Rollins, think the advisors are the ones that should be making the decisions. The only reason for that is if someone was propped up. Say like........George Bush!
At the end of last month, one of her top advisers, Ed Rollins, a political aide to President Reagan, resigned along with her campaign manager, her press secretary and other key staff members, quitting an operation that some GOP insiders have depicted as a political train wreck.

"Katherine wasn't listening to us and didn't agree on the direction of the campaign," Rollins said.
I realize advisors play a big roll in crafting the message and policy, but when push comes to shove, isn't it the politicians who should make the decisions? This seems to becoming more of the norm. How many Republicans, who aren't as far right as the President, wanted to speak up against the President from time to time but were silenced by the party?

If we are going to limit ourselves to a two party system, and only allow Democrats or Republicans to follow party lines, then we must accept the theory that "everything" is either right or wrong. Therefore there could never be any compromise. Which is basically where we are now.

Why isn't debate a good thing anymore? When the merits of an argument would convince people one way or another. Instead we are force feed how we are supposed to feel. For instance, look how the Democrats reacted with Sen. Russ Feingold's censure resolution. Party politics made most Democrats take the 5th about censure. Finally they see, as apparent by Sen. Boxer's comments on Hardball tonight, that the public thinks Bush should be censured. Now Democrats are starting to come out in favor of it.

It's time Democrats and Republicans demand more from our "leaders". Criminals, whether they wear blue or red, are criminals. I just wish our elected leaders were able to, ya know, lead instead of having to follow!