Monday, April 10

8 Dead In Ontario Mass Murder

In what is said to be the largest mass murder in Ontario's history, police are keeping silent about a possible connection to biker gangs. However, the Hell's Angels released a statement or one of their websites. Does anyone else find it funny that the Hell's Angels have a P.R. machine on it's websites. I guess if Al Qaida can, why not the Hell's Angels?

(Reuters)"The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, or any of (its) members, are not involved in this crime in any way shape or form," the gang said on one of its Web sites.
UPDATE: 6:09 pm CDT
Canadian police arrest 5 in what they are calling a "cleansing" of the Bandidos motorcycle gang.
(AP)He said U.S. intelligence indicates the killings were internal to Canada and not related to any rift with American members of the Bandidos. He said he Canadian arm is comprised of former Quebec gang members, such as the Popeyes and Rock Machine.
How good is that intelligence?